I purchased this TV in November 0f 2009 and finally got a chance to set it up for the new year. Of course we all know the pain of disconnecting everything you own and setting up something new. The picture on this will blow your mind. HDMI is also so much easier...fewer cables, but that doesn't mean there still won't be a lot of them. However, setting this all up is well worth the effort.

Setup...simply easy! Using HDMI and staying with SONY, absolutely brilliant. It all integrates and works well together. (Not like the old S-Link). Plug in a SONY HDMI compatible component and hit the 'SYNC MENU' button and you can set it all up. Now I hit one button and on goes the TV, on goes the Directv Salletite DVR HR-21 and the Sony HTCT100 Sound Bar with Subwoofer. It's great. And the HTCT100 is just right for a small room (if you don't really need surround sound it's perfect!)! You can see more LED TV.

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